Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just For Today

Starting any new relationship can be daunting, especially one with ourselves! It’s often temping to start future tripping and slip into habitual, negative self-talk, which, after all,  only serves the purpose of keeping you stuck. Talk like, “What if it does’t work?” “What if I am no good?” “ What if I am not creative?” Heads up folks - almost every single person I have worked with has announced to me, off the bat, that they are not creative, including myself. So what if, “just for today,” you could suspend the negative self talk and try something else instead?
A few years back, while struggling to my forthcoming book "Third Time Lucky: A Creative Recovery", I put together the Just For Today Principles. They have become principals that guide my day to day life. Since then I  have shared them with countless numbers of people, who have found them to be helpful companions on their journeys. 
Noticing a habit, thought or feeling doesn’t always require us to analyze it, figure it out or judge it.Whenever I notice my inner critic creeping in, I use one, some or all of these (depending on how loud it is) to keep me grounded in the moment and to help me remember it’s only my critic - it’s not me!  The following “Just for Today” principals can accompany you on your journey too. 
Just for today…….

I am breathing in warmth & kindness towards myself
I am excessively gentle with myself
I am greeting my reflection with a softened gaze
I am giving myself permission to make beautiful mistakes
I am my own compassionate witness
Prefacing each affirmation with “just for today” brings it right into the now and that is where our power is. 
“Just for today” is manageable and possible, very often “always” and “forever” are not! I suggest you write them down on postcards and put them places you will see them, to remind yourself -  to stop! My “Just for Today” cards have been taped to my bathroom mirror, desk and refrigerator over the years, and there is one by my side as I write this now! 
I suggest you personalize them and make them your own. Which one speaks to you the most? Maybe you can make up your own. I'd love to hear yours! Please share them with us. I'd love to hear from you!

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