Thursday, June 13, 2013

Virtual Book Tour & Book Giveaway!

Every mother wants the best for her baby, right? Well, since the birth of Third Time Lucky: A Creative Recovery a few months ago I have been asking the question, "What does this book need from me to make it's way out into the world?" I am still asking that question.

It is hard to let go of something you have tended to, cared for, lost sleep over and loved fiercely into life for many years. It is scary to release a newborn into the world and hope it will be treated with kindness. Will people like it, hate it, get it? Who knows? Ultimately, that is none of my business. Now my job is to help deliver it to as many people as possible, so they can have their own relationship with it and be inspired to enter their own stories and be healed by them.

As much as I would love to go on a book tour around the world, I knew there was little chance of that happening, at the moment anyway! That is where my dear friend/goddess and "social media for good" wellness advocate, Marie Ennis O'Connor, and winner of Irish Blogger Awards 2012 came in. Marie is amazing and much more au fait in cyber world than I am and she suggested we bring the book on a virtual book tour. She chose five top bloggers from different backgrounds in the U.S.A, Canada and Ireland and asked them to review the book and share their perspectives online. I loved the idea and am thrilled to invite you on this tour from the comfort of your couch. I am deeply grateful to all of these change makers, innovative thinkers and gifted writers for participating in this tour and delivering Third Time Lucky to a wider audience.

The tour takes place this week as follows:

Monday, June 10 - Terri Wingham (Canada) of A Fresh Chapter, check out our first podcast!
 Passionate about big dreams, meaningful travel & overcoming adversity to write fresh chapters.

Tuesday, June 11 - Martine Brennan (Ireland) Irish writer and coach.

Wednesday, June 12 - Beth Gainer (U.S.A) Breast cancer blogger and author.

Thursday, June 13 - Yvonne Watterson (U.S.A via Northern Ireland) Working. Writing. Wondering.

Friday, June 14 - Suzanne Mangia Cummins, Guest Blogger for Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer(U.S.A/ Ireland)   *Enter for a chance to win a free copy today!

Thanks for your support and please let me know if you have any great ideas to help the book on it's way.

You are amazing!

One Big Love,
Pasha x

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