Saturday, December 10, 2016

Standing With Our Ancestors

Yesterday was my father's birthday. He would have been 78 years old, if he didn't die six years ago. I miss him. Now he is in the realm of the ancestors. The ones who have come before us, who have paved part of the way so we may go deeper, dream bigger and travel further than they could have possibly imagined. Not only have they come before us, they also walk ahead us and can help lead the way through the darkest of times. We just have to remember to call them in.

"Walking we are listening to a deeper way. Suddenly, all our ancestors surround us. 
Be still they say
Be quiet
Remember we are the result of the Love of Thousands."
~Linda Hogan  

I understand that Dad is not just my ancestor, he is all of ours - just like yours are mine. There are millions of ancestors rooting for us and cheering us on, longing for us to be quite, to trust and to tune into our own breath and the breath of the Earth.

Recently, I have wondered what my dad would make of the current state of affairs in the country he loved so much. The country that opened Her arms to him when he arrived from Ireland with nothing except a few dollars in his pocket, an address in the Bronx of some friends from County Kilkenny and a head full of dreams. The country where he worked hard, had a family and realized many of his dreams. The country that he loved.

My father once told me, "You can't beat two sides of the same drum." Sometimes life calls us to take a stand, even if it is not popular and uncomfortable. A stand that pulls us out of our comfort zones and leaves us with  unanswered questions. Questions like: What will happen now? How will I /we ever heal, cope, recover, move on etc etc etc. All with the same answer -  I don't know.
Taking a stand outside of our comfort zones usually demands that we get comfortable with not knowing. Not so easy, it is a practice for sure.

The stance that you decide to take can look different on any given day. For some it may look like standing in freezing temperatures for clean water, for others it could look like not picking up a drink, piece of cake or credit card, getting a new job, setting boundaries or entering/ leaving a relationship.
When you take a stand, whatever it looks like, you are not only participating in your own healing, you are taking that stand for everyone. Thank you. You are contributing to healing the world soul. We are all in this together and connected in ways far beyond any knowing.

Moving out of your comfort zone is a radical act of courage and trust - no matter what it looks like.

Not sure how to move in these uncertain times? One action you can take is to stand against the negative self talk, harsh inner critic and self-depreciating voices inside the battleground of your own head that tells you that you are not good enough, or that anything little 'ole you could do would never make a difference anyway. You can make a difference by making the sound of your own breath more interesting than the habitual voices that have stopped you from living with purpose and passion.

Learn to listen, give yourself the gift of stillness first. What is calling you out of your comfort zone? How is the world calling you to show up in your own life? What one action can you take today to honor your soul? Trusting that you are  honoring the world soul when you do so.

You can ask the ancestors for help and guidance. Let yourself be surprised......"remember, we are the result of the love of thousands".

If you have trouble silencing those voices here is an email link to a free guided morning meditation I made to help get you started on your way. It is from my CD The Journey: No Detours and I hope it helps you develop your own meditation practice. It is my gift to you. When you silence your own negative thinking you are doing it for all of us!

With tremendous love and gratitude for you,
Pasha x


  1. How lovely, Pasha. Your father is smiling down on you, I'm sure. And I'm with you, sister.

  2. Thank you Pam! Your love and support is bigger that you can possibly know and so welcome!!! Thank you for all the amazing work you do for all of us. I am with you too, sister. px